How to Hype

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Ever want to make an app or website that gets people talking but don't know how to code?

You're in the right place.

Introducing the newest creator course from the SNL of product studios:

A collection of our personal cheat sheets that helps business builders level up their creativity, copywriting, and product building.

Meet your instructors!

We are Bad Unicorn and we have run a product studio that launches a new product every other Friday. If you do the math, that's 16 products in less than a year. We use humor, no-code, and tested frameworks to launch an idea faster than traditional methods.

Failing fast and iterating has taught us a lot of valuable lessons about being a maker in the arena. We love sharing our lessons learned to help other creators launch badass products.

You'll benefit from this if:

✔️ You like building businesses (fast)

✔️ You want to build things but don't know how

✔️ You want to build more creative ideas

✔️ You want better website copy

✔️ You like Bad Unicorn

✔️ You want to be funnier (yes, it's a word!)

✔️ You want to grow your audience

✔️ You want to hit deadlines

✔️ You like no-code

In our journey, we've collected 1,007+ resources that have helped us go from consumers to digital creators. We've condensed all of them into 7 cheat sheets that encompass all of the phases of building products that get attention on the internet.

The Material

We'll cover how-to:

💡  Rubiks cube ideas: Mental model for idea generation

🐦  Get your first 1000+ Twitter followers

🛠️  Get started with No-Code: Our Master Stack for building MVPs

✍️  Add some spice to your copywriting

♻️  Steal (remix) from the best

👩‍💻  Engineering-as-Marketing for user growth

➕  5 Bad Unicorn website templates that you can clone & use

Plus lots more!

What Are People Saying?

"Horrible and do not at all recommend but also, take my money."

"Bad Unicorn really is some of the best vibes on the internet."


How does it work?

You buy it, consume it, and maybe implement some of the strategies into your business.

Is there a refund policy?

Will my friends finally respect me?

Do I actually get the GameBoy cartidge?

What makes you guys qualified to create this?

Any other questions?

You can DM us on Twitter @Whit4th or @ModernAfflatus

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How to Hype

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